Update 6 October 2017

Yvette Berry, Minister for Suburban Development (and Minister for Housing) announced last week that the government would soon be lodging a Development Application for a block of 2 storey government housing flats on the community land site in Wight (Section 29).  The DA will be for a 26 flats, reduced from 32. The announcement also referred to the development at Holder which has been reduced from 2 storey blocks with 30 flats and townhouses to 14 single storey supportive housing cottages, and Chapman which has been reduced from 30 townhouses to 20.

Despite Wright residents clearly stating, in public meetings and submissions, that they object to the scale of the development and that 15 to 18 housing units would be more appropriate, the government have not listened and are pressing ahead with a plan that is little changed in scale from the original proposal.

The loss of the only block of land for community facilities in Wright has been the major issue in resident feedback.  The government response referred to community land in “North Wright” (Denman Prospect) and facilities in Coombs, as well as future plans for Stromlo Forest Park, but has made no formal commitment to any community facilities in Wright.  While concept plans for commercial release of the remaining community land in Wright suggest that some community facilities (medical facilities or childcare) ‘could’ be developed, there is no guarantee that will ever happen.

A number of Wright residents have asked about the process for lodging comments on, or an objection to, the Development Application.  If you want to lodge an individual objection, the details of the process are available at https://form.act.gov.au/smartforms/landing.htm?formCode=1251

Other residents have asked about obtaining professional advice and lodging a group objection.  If anyone is interested in being part of a group objection, which will involve making a financial contribution to the costs of this process, please send a separate email to wright.residents@gmail.com with your contact details and the group will provide further information directly to you.

We will send out an email to let everyone know when the Development Application is lodged.