Update 3 July

Revised Plans for Section 29 Wright

The Housing Renewal Taskforce has published a revised proposal for Section 29 Wright.  The background to the revised proposal can be found at http://www.economicdevelopment.act.gov.au/urban-renewal/public-housing-renewal/better-housing/replacement-housing-locations/wright and an overview drawing showing concepts for the whole of Section 29 is at http://www.economicdevelopment.act.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/1077376/Wright-constraints-and-opportunities-map.pdf

The revised proposal shows how the whole site could be developed to include both public housing and community facilities.  It also shows a number of changes to site access, parking and landscaping.  These plans were revised having regard to the feedback from the public consultation process, as well as the feedback received by the Wright Residents Group (see previous updates for details).  You should note that the number of units (32) is unchanged from the previous proposal.


Proposed Community Meeting

The Wright Residents Group believe that we cannot proceed any further without input from the whole community.  We are arranging for a community meeting to be held in the last week of July and will publicise details of the time, date and venue when arrangements are complete.

The Weston Creek Community Council have agreed to host and chair the meeting.   There will be a presentation explaining the concept plan for the whole site and an opportunity to ask questions about the details of the plan in the first part of the meeting.  The second part of the meeting will be like the previous public meeting where you can express your views about the concept, the overall housing proposal and what further action should be taken by the Wright Residents Group.  People will be given an opportunity to either speak at the meeting, provide a written comment on butcher’s paper at the meeting, or email their comments and views to the Wright Residents Group and/or the Taskforce.


Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers to assist with:

  • Letterboxing a flier with details of the community meeting
  • Other publicity for the meeting
  • Scribing at the meeting (recording and collating the spoken and written comments)
  • Assisting the organising committee with actions arising out of the meeting